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PenTool® Lumina

FACTORY ORDERS ONLY.  The minimum order is 1000 pieces.

We added a flashlight to the PenTool® Elite and created the PenTool® Lumina.  A great PenTool® with one more useful function.  Keep one handy in your desk, briefcase, purse or glove compartment.  The bright flashlight is powered by three LR44 (4.5v) batteries.
Rotate the front of the PenTool® to reveal the medium point, black ink pen.  Unscrew the back half to access the screwdrivers (Phillips head and flat head).  Made completely of metal, the PenTool® Lumina is strong and durable.  

The hidden, removable bit is the secret to the success of the PenTool® Lumina.  The ball bearing mounted in the middle holds the bit firmly in place.

The PenTool® Lumina is packaged inside a printed gift box.  Each PenTool® is stored inside a clear plastic acrylic tub.

Replacement screwdriver bits and ink refills are available.  Contact the Sales Department for details.

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