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PenTool® Elite

PenTool® Elite

How many times have you wished that you had a screwdriver handy to repair your glasses, fix a gadget or tighten a screw?  We all have!  That is why we created the PenTool® Elite. Disguised as a pen, theis a 3 in 1 multi-functional hand tool.  Now you can have a screwdriver handy without carrying the weight of some bulky, awkward tool.   The PenTool® Elite is great for the home, the office or traveling.  Comfortable to hold and easy to use, this smooth writing PenTool® will certainly make a great gift for anyone.  In fact, you'll like this PenTool® so much, that you'll probably want to keep it for yourself.
Rotate the front of the PenTool® to reveal the ink pen.  Unscrew the back half to access the screwdrivers (Phillips head and flat head).  Made completely of metal, the PenTool® Elite is strong and durable.  

The hidden, removable bit is the secret to the success of the PenTool® Elite.  The ball bearing mounted in the middle holds the bit firmly in place.
Each PenTool® Elite gift box is protected with shrink wrap.  This prevents damage to the printed black and silver colored gift box.

The PenTool® Elite is safely stored within a Lexan Tube.  The aluminum caps are padded for safe transport.

Replacement screwdriver bits and ink refills are available.  Contact the Sales Department for details.

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