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Designed for instruction and presentations

Laser pointers make giving instruction or presentations easier.  The red beam can project across any room or conference hall.  Please remember that LASER POINTERS are not to be pointed at people. 

Model Numbers: LP051, LP121


  • Wavelength: 650nm

  • Output power: <5mW

  • Beam divergence: minimum 1500 ft.

  • Laser beam diameter: 6 to 10 mm.

  • Power switch included

  • Operating temperature: -20 C to +70 C

  • Laser Beam Color: Red

  • Colors available: Gold, Silver, Black, Blue, Red

  • 3 Batteries Included (LR44)

  • Key Chain included

  • Plastic Storage case included

  • Packaging: Hanging Yellow Gift Box

  • Custom LOGO Imprinting available

  • Made in Taiwan


  Item No.:  LP051
  •  One Laser
  •  Five lenses
  •  Three Batteries

$2.95 ea. / Min. 24
$1.95 ea. / Min. 100


 Item No.:  LP121
 •  One Laser 
 •  Twelve Lenses
 •  Three Batteries

$3.65 ea. / Min. 24
$2.65 ea. / Min. 100

The Laser Pointers are stored safely in a plastic storage container, then placed into a yellow gift box with a clear plastic window on the front of the gift box.

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