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16 piece Ratcheting Socket and Bit Adapter for Leatherman® Hand Tools

( Available for Super Tool®, WAVE® and PST® Models )

The Adapta Tool™ easily converts your Leatherman® Hand Tool into a ratcheting socket adapter. Each Adapta Tool™ is specially packaged with the tools and sockets you need most!  Now your Leatherman®  can handle more jobs.

Adapta Tool for the Leatherman Super Tool

Adapta Tool for the Leatherman WAVE

AS001 AW001
SUPER TOOL® model WAVE® model
(in stock now) (available November)
Model Number AS001 Adapta Tool™ for Super Tool®     (gift boxed)
Model Number AS002 Adapta Tool™ for Super Tool®     (clam shell packaged)
Model Number AW001 Adapta Tool™ for WAVE®    (gift boxed)
Model Number AW002 Adapta Tool™ for WAVE®    (clam shell packaged)
Model Number AP001 Adapta Tool™ for PST® Models   (coming soon)
Model Number AP002 Adapta Tool™ for PST® Models   (coming soon)

Adapta Tool Attachments

Socket Attachments Flat Head Bits  Phillips Head Bits  Hex Head Bits
5/16" 5/32" No. 0    No. 2  (5/64")
11/32" 3/16" No. 1    No. 3 (1/8")
3/8" 1/4" No. 2    No. 4 (5/32")
Front of Nylon Pouch with MINI-MAGLITE
MINI-MAGLOOP holds your
Inside of Nylon Pouch


5 sockets plus Insert Bit Adapter
1/2" 7/16" 3/8" 11/32" 5/16" Bit Holder
The Nylon Pouch (included) holds the Adapta Tool, the Sockets and the Insert Bits.  There is also a loop to hold your MINI-MAGLITE®.  Pouches are available separately.  Ask our Sales Department for details.
The Adapta Tool™ is available with Clamshell Packaging or stored within a printed Gift Box.
Interested in the Adapta Tool Warranty?
Interested in the Instructions for the  Adapta Tool™ Warranty?

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