Unique Tools-Innovative Tools and Gadgets    Guinness Book of World Records - PenTool is the world's most functional pen.  The pen with the most tools.
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Unique Tools sells unique hand tools.

Conquer your sales with the TANK TOOL

Tank Tool The Tank Tool from Unique Tools.


Pentool® Elite

PENTOOL 12 in 1®
PenTool Original 12 in 1.

The Golf Scope from Unique Tools

The Golf Scope™

  Don't guess the distance to the flag, 
measure it with The Golf Scope™

Unique News

Guinness World Records has declared the PenTool®  12 in 1 to be the
World's Most Functional Pen.

Take a look at our new PenTool® Elite.  This is a great gift for Dad or the executive in your life.  The hidden removable bit allows the user the convenience of a flat head or a Phillips head screwdriver.  Naturally, replacement bits are available.

Custom IMPRINTING or ENGRAVING is available for the
PenTool® and the PenTool® Elite.

The Handy Tool™ is now in stock!  Please ask our sales department for more information regarding this useful tool. 

We are a tool manufacturer and wholesaler.  We specialize in the manufacture of unique and hard to find tools.

Are you looking for a specific tool or product?  We provide complete assistance with SOURCING and/or DESIGNING product.   We have established relationships with hundreds of factories, located throughout the world.  We can help you with any item you want to import or manufacture.  Custom designs are no problem. 


Unique Tools is a manufacturer of innovative gifts and gadgets. We manufacture the PenTool, the Tank Tool, the Handy Tool and the Golf Scope.


Unique Tools. Manufacturer of the Golf Scope, PenTool, AdaptaTool, and Handy Driver.

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